Executive Roundtable

Our Executive Roundtables provide lower middle market owners a way to openly discuss the sell-side process, or from time to time, other service offerings, at a single time together with 5-10 other business owners. This is geared for owner’s who prefer to not initially meet on a one-on-one basis, or who feel they can learn from their peer’s experiences, questions and concerns.

Executive Roundtables take place in our Los Angeles – Sunset Strip conference room, or in conference rooms in varying locations in Pasadena, Long Beach, the Greater San Francisco area (Tech Roundtables occur in Los Gatos & Cupertino), Fresno, Palm Springs, Irvine / Newport Beach and in varying San Diego locations. Based on area or subject matter demand, we may host them in a banquet hall or if demand merits, at a hotel’s conference center.

In an Executive Roundtable, we invite all owners to attend – together with their partners, spouses, children, advisors and if applicable, directors and senior management. In this setting, all participants are considered to be peers. Discussions are guided and presentation materials are provided but the events are highly candid. Core topics will be covered with potential deep dives into subject matter as topical.

Roundtables begin at 9 am and end at 5 pm. There are 2 – 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute working lunch together with a 30 minute break. While the subjects discussed are serious attendees are invited to dress comfortably. Agendas will be provided in advance, and participants are welcome to introduce questions or topics they would like to address that are not included on the agenda.

Shall you wish to attend the next Executive Roundtable near you, please complete the form below and indicate basic data about your business as well as your preferred location and and the anticipated number of guests.

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