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A Solution for Every Situation

Mergers & Acquisitions, Valuation & Exit Planning
for the Lower Middle Market

We strive to help our clients realize their unique definition of success. To achieve this, our team provides a comprehensive service offering aimed at supporting lower middle market business owners at nearly all stages of their company’s lifecycle. Our team has supported over 2,000 clients since 2002 and completed more than 1,150 transactions. This experience, coupled with our history as founders, owners and operators ourselves provides our team with an unparalleled practical knowledge base and real world perspective that is aligned with our clients.

When we provide mergers & acquisitions advisory services, explore capital sourcing and deployment options, evaluate valuation drivers or structure a realistic exit plan, we do so knowing that our clients rely on us to help manage what may be their largest asset and the culmination of years of extraordinary efforts. If our client has an interim leadership need, we approach the assignment as if it were our business, reputation, investment and our future retirement at stake – because ultimately it is.

The value we provide and the quality of our efforts will make or break a successful engagement. In doing so we are not only able to capitalize on each of our management experiences, but we are also able to draw from best practices learned from working with thousands of clients across all industry sectors. As a result our perspective is broad and our resource base is vast. Our full service approach supports the notion that your business is more than just a transaction to you and us, it’s our business too. Your success translates into our success, just as we shoulder the burden of any failure. As a result we consider ourselves to not only be our client’s solutions advisor, but also their partner.

M&A Services
We specialize in selling lower middle market companies valued at $5 ml to $20 ml, that typically generates $10 ml - $50 ml in revenues. Work with a team that specializes in businesses like yours…
Exit Planning
It is never too soon to start planning. Our certified exit planners can customize an achievable plan that aligns with your business and personal needs…
Valuation Services
Most client’s needs do not merit a certified appraisal or valuation. For them, we have uniquely developed an Opinion Letter, Option Report, Preliminary Value Estimate as well as Future Value Estimate…
Interim CFO/CIO
Key executive deficiencies can inhibit growth & impair company value, particularly prior to a new initiative or transition. Our interim executives can support you and supplement your skill set, allowing you to maintain focus when it’s most critical…

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