Automated High-Tech Garment Manufacturing w/Domestic & Offshore Capacity

Los Angeles, CA (Los Angeles County)

Gross Revenue 
Potential Cash Flow 

This automated high-tech private label apparel manufacturing company boasts the one of the highest local and offshore manufacturing capacity’s in its bustling segment of apparel production. The firm produces top quality private labeled garments for some of the most respected global brands and provides its clients incredible value-added services. For nascent labels, they assist with all facets of production - from concept to design, pattern making, execution and marketing.

Part of their unique value proposition is local is quick-turnaround patterns and production, together with “Made in the USA” labeling, so they are able to cater to fast fashion clients who require product in terms of days and weeks as opposed to months. Since they possess offshore capability, they are able to compete on price as necessary for large volume orders that may be price sensitive or not require quick turns, but they can also provide that same client local service to respond to the latest trends.

$200,000 at cost at close

Accounts Receivable Included in Asking


The 48,507 square foot manufacturing plant can be purchased for $11.5 million or leased for approximately $0.85 per square foot. The business sale includes an estimated $1.5+ million in total equipment value, which equates to less than the combined $1.25 million asking price for the onshore and offshore enterprises!


This firm offers the most West Coast production capability in its growing garment segment. Since significant barriers to entry exist in terms of the cost associated with purchasing and installing the necessary high-tech automated equipment necessary coupled with creating the proper working environment to manufacture without defects, threats from new or alternate local competition is considered to be limited.

Growth & Expansion

New operators may take this opportunity in any number of directions. They can capitalize on the production ability to manufacture for their own label, they may increase their client base via aggressive market, pricing or several other means, or they can go after the entire suite of alternate markets available which include athletic wear, athleisure, fashion, workwear, customized high margin promotional products and more. The company caters to 15 - 25 clients and has the capacity to take on several additional ones. Another growth opportunity exists with assisting the rising tide of social media, celebrity and other influencer driven apparel start-ups that often skip the wholesale channel and bricks and mortar operations and sell direct to consumer – which has become a growing trend. These clients often lack industry expertise, which translates into lower production volumes but higher margin services. The firm’s offshore cut and sew facility is well under capacity. It could readily hand 2 to 4 times the volume, but the firm has not exploited this potential outside of fulfilling their current client needs. With its licensing, management, equipment and trained staff in place, this maquiladora has been tremendously under-utilized.

Support & Training

2 Weeks at 20 hrs/wk

Reason for Selling


Real Estate

Can be purchased for $11,300,000

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