Children’s Product Brand w/Customer Embraced Concepts

Los Angeles

Children’s Product Brand for sale
Gross Revenue 

This celebrated children’s gift product brand has a full line of customer embraced concepts that are primarily made from premium environmentally responsible materials. Their highly unique trendsetting products include clothing and dolls, are geared for children 0-5 years old and older. The 10 year old company has amassed an enormous following and a dedicated retail network that includes some of the nation’s top major retail brands and over 2,000 boutiques, children’s stores and online retailers throughout North America and Canada.

$120,000 at cost at close

Accounts Receivable Included in Asking


This 4,000 square foot building leases for $3,625 USD per month. The facility has a full-time general manager who acts as the production manager and will remain with the operation as needed, as well as manufacturing staff which includes shipping, receiving and cutting.


There are several manufacturers with various gift and other products with similar characteristics geared towards the 0-5 year old target age segment, however, few have been as well received as this firm’s products have been or espouse the environmentally and socially responsible approach that this company embraces.

Growth & Expansion

The company may greatly benefit from a highly motivated new operator who has a vision for expansion, product extensions or other forms of growth. This may include outsourcing manufacturing to a lower cost provider as the expense associated with running the operation in-in house is comparatively high. Along with new product development, which is already underway, the company could explore private labeling variations of its products for others as they already done for a major label. Large margins may also be realized in the launch of other clothing products, which can be sold through the same retail channels but could be expanded to include traditional clothing stores. An additional area of growth includes expanding on company’s efforts and the progress they have already made in selling direct to consumers online. Finally, marketing benefits may be realized via “Made in USA” branding

Support & Training

2 Weeks at 20 hrs/wk

Reason for Selling


Real Estate


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