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This EPA registered company boasts a fuel additive technology whose impact has far reaching benefits that range from up to 10.0%+ fuel reductions for gasoline, diesel and biofuel operations to a remarkable reduction of harmful emissions and pollutants. It is poised to not only help clients and governments meet fuel demands on a global basis, but also to minimize deadly emissions that are associated with diesel fuel particulate matter by an estimated 43%+. If used on a global scale, this firm's technology is expected to save over one million lives annually and decrease the likelihood of major health risks that are a direct result of toxic air pollution.

The firm's technologies prove successful conversion from traditional fuels to biofuels for use in bulk consumers non-road fuel operations (e.g. U.S. Military, Rail, Maritime, Power Generation). To date, this firm has the only technology able to effectively convert living biofuels to non-living fuels.

The products are to be introduced at refinery level, sold to large corporate end-users in bulk (e.g. U.S. Military, Rail, Maritime, Aviation, Power Generation), wholesaled or distributed to consumer chains (e.g. truck stops & gas stations) or retailed directly to individual consumers. The revenue model can be just as flexible in its varying applications. The product may be sold via different channels, licensed based on industry or geography (or territory / country), or alternative revenue or fuel savings profit share splits may even be negotiated. The company's B2C retail products are currently retailed in major travel centers while it also has major B2B clients. Product case studies have been conducted by government agencies and major clients. The company has a dream team of leaders in its execute ranks that include a seasoned entrepreneur as its CEO, a Chief Scientist, a Vice President of Sales and a Vice President of Marketing.

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This firm has over 2 years of research and development and $1 million+ invested to formulate nearly 10 skus that utilize its proprietary technologies. Current sales are 50% B2B and 50% B2C, however the most scalable avenue for immediate growth appears to be with major clients who may immediately realize substantial fuel cost savings on top of dramatically reduced toxic emissions. The company's trademark is registered in the U.S. and China. It is EPA registered for Gasoline, Diesel and Biofuel blends and is ISO 9001 compliant.


This fuel additive promotes a more efficient fuel combustion that results in more energy per unit of fuel burned and reduces greenhouse gasses, acid rain gasses, soot, carbon build-up and fouling per unit of fuel, which provide it the claim that they make one of the highest performing, clean fuel technologies in the world. As such, their value proposition is hard for competitors to match. Chasing only a small portion of the $9 bl. fuel additive market potential, this company’s proprietary technologies ensure that the company can compete with global leaders.

Growth & Expansion

The company has several paths forward to achieve its tremendous growth potential. The variable that remains uncertain is how a new management team will prefer to capitalize on the opportunity. They can focus on specific industries such as transportation that have a global mandate to reduce harmful emissions or they can obtain industry certifications and licenses that will catapult product awareness and the product results visibility (e.g. CARB Certification, Lloyd's Registry of TARDEC). New management may prefer to make a significant push in global markets that are dramatically impacted by fuel emissions (such as China, or perhaps a much smaller market to begin with) where the product may achieve quicker penetration and its impact will be realized sooner. Other strategies include appointing territory or industry representatives to focus on targeted industries (e.g. international maritime shipping or airlines) or commercial clients (major railways) as well as international licensing opportunities. They can parallel process any of these strategies with an overall marketing and advertising effort that lays the foundation for greater brand awareness and results impact. Finally, production is outsourced to maintain a cost effective overhead structure. Tremendous research, development and production cost and benefits may be realized if production was in-sourced to a company operated facility that was dedicated to exploiting the firm's innovative fuel technology. In international markets, the demand for oil is anticipated to increase 28% from 2018 to 2040. More than half of this is anticipated in India and China. At the same time, both supply and demand will be impacted by a range of international pressure and mandatory government policies that are meant to reduce the human health and environmental risks associated with burning fossil fuels. It is projected that the global specialty fuel additives market is expected to grow at a 7.1% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2017 to 2024, representing a $4.1 bl. opportunity. The global retail fuel market is expected to grow at a 6.15% CAGR during the same period, a $1.3 bl. opportunity. This firm's technology is poised to take market share. A Markets and Markets report states that the global fuel additives market is estimated to register a CAGR of 6.9% between 2015 and 2020, to reach $8.6 Billion 2020. The fuel additives market is witnessing a high growth due to the increasing demand for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) across the globe. The ULSD requires an extra dose of fuel additives. The worldwide increase in the number of vehicles has resulted in the demand for efficient fuels that meet the government regulations for fuel emissions which is projected to drive the market for fuel additives.

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