Fully Integrated Solar Energy Leader – One of CA’s Fastest Growing Solar Firms

Los Angeles, CA

Solar energy
Gross Revenue 

This fully integrated alternative energy leader is one of California’s fastest growing solar enterprises. The residential solar developer has established a deep footprint in nearly 10 sales offices statewide. The company’s proprietary sales and marketing method has resulted in over 1,500 residential solar installations and over 300 energy efficient roofs in less than 3 years. It is estimated to be the ninth largest residential solar developer in California and one of the largest privately-held developers. They execute on the entirety of the residential solar project lifecycle from sales through warehousing, logistics, engineering, project management and system monitoring. They pride themselves on a combination of strong customer service and use of high-end U.S. made products. The firm’s value-based versus price-based approach to selling, world-class training infrastructure, scalable organizational architecture and internally-built technology platform provides them the necessary components to become the market leader. Short-term funding; Minority / Majority Recap; Outright sale or any combination thereof sought.

$124,000 included

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Included in Asking


The high growth Los Angeles based enterprise is approaching 10 branch offices in key markets throughout the state. The firm possesses a highly skilled executive and management team with significant sales and solar installation experience as well as remarkable lead generation, finance and development expertise. Receivable will be included in the sale. Work in progress, contracts and projects underway are not or may be negotiated.


This is one of the fastest-growing and residential solar companies in California and is uniquely-positioned to capitalize on a dynamic market nationwide. The company’s proprietary lead generation and sale process have enabled them to catapult ahead of the competition and perfect a highly scalable sales methodology that has resulted in more than $60 million in revenues in under than 3 years. To their knowledge, no competitor has achieved as rapid of growth or is as well positioned to capitalize on California’s solar energy marketplace.

Growth & Expansion

The enterprise is positioned for substantial long-term growth. In the short-term, the top 4 initiatives alone result in a projected $2.2 - $3.4 ml. EBITDA: Bulk versus spot purchasing of panels, inverters, racking and electrical components should lower expenses an estimated $720k - $960k/year; With 50% of installs completed in-house, $480k - $720k may be retained; The procurement team has negotiated subcontracting cost reductions via abbreviated days payable & volume increases for $240k - $480k; 7%-9% Dealer fees can be brought down to retain $600k - $1.1 ml. Additional opportunties include: Energy efficiency line expansion - HVAC, “COOL” Roofs, Artificial Grass; Management is in discussions with pioneering technology companies overseas to bring innovative commercial & other products to the US; Reloads – can repurpose 10,000s leads for new energy efficient sales; In-house financing – an extraordinarily lucrative opportunity exists to reduce dealer fees while increasing sales conversions, facilitate add-on sales opportunities and create support and interest revenue streams.

Support & Training

As negotiated

Reason for Selling

Minority / Majority Recap; Outright Sale

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