Moscow Mule – America’s Most Popular Craft Cocktail – Bar Product, Syrup & Accessory Brand!

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This company, which boasts not only the name, but most importantly the authenticity associated with the Moscow Mule, is available for Joint Venture, Partnership, Merger, Acquisition or all other options to capitalize on its unique market position. After all, this brand is the only one that is as closely associated with the most popular and most frequently Googled craft cocktail in America and a top 10 perennial favorite. In addition to possessing the rights to and ownership of the only genuine drinking vessel that America’s most popular craft cocktail should be served in, this sale also includes an innovative syrup all-natural syrup that bar owners welcome it as its replaces the need to stock costly and highly inconvenient mixers, along with additional intellectual property, the most popularly searched cocktail domain name, a hit coffee table book, a vintage auto, retail products and even a museum!

The Moscow Copper Co.'s acclaimed products have already been sampled and test marketed by a Four Seasons Hotel and is currently in prestigious airline lounges, with stellar results. Partnership discussions are taking place with liquor, restaurant, hotel and airline brands worldwide who seek to showcase this enterprise’s genuine products. With the syrup / mixer side of the business representing an approximate $1.5 billion industry and the drinking vessel revenues at an estimated $30 - $50 million a year, this opportunity has unbelievable potential.

$ 150,000 at cost at close

Accounts Receivable Included in Asking


While this company was recently relaunched from a small 900 square foot facility and then a larger 3,000 square foot space, its operations have now been streamlined so it may operate virtually, from any location! Its drinking vessel materials are sourced from India while the product is finished and fulfilled in Southern California.


This multi-faceted enterprise possesses a unique combination of unparalleled advantages that simply cannot be matched. The brand loyalty and goodwill they have developed, coupled with their authenticity, provides them an edge that no liquor company, glass and drinking vessel manufacturer or drink mix can match. In short, there is no company that boasts the storied history or product breadth this one does given its inherent Moscow Mule association.

Growth & Expansion

With key strategic partnerships with some of the nation’s leading liquor, restaurant, hotel and retail brands, this company is quickly becoming the recognized authority for all things Moscow Mule. With a mission to supply the highest quality ingredients and the most authentic products and accessory items to craft cocktail bars as well as enthusiasts around the world, the company has all of the pieces for the puzzle in place for the appropriate food and beverage company, hospitality group or branding team to truly capitalize on it. The brand name could even be parlayed into its own full-fledged liquor label that would come with immediate built-in customer demand!

 Can parlay into a Moscow Mule Vodka or even a full liquor line or a branded bar chain (e.g. Mule Whiskey, Mule Tequila, Mule Gin, Mule Mescal, etc.)

 Ideal brand extension for existing Vodka (e.g. Deep Eddy), ginger beer or glassware or mug company

 Partnered with FrutaPop for brandend 12-48 unit Moscow Mule Pops

 Syrup replaces need for cumbersome & costly ginger bear at bars

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