Residential Solar Sales and Installation Company

Los Angeles, CA

Gross Revenue 
Potential Cash Flow 

Please note that the seller will only sell to buyers who have experience in installation or sales in the solar industry.

This residential solar sales and installation company boasts all the attributes that those looking to enter the highly lucrative solar energy industry typically need. That is, a sales strategy that results in consistent sales generated, licensing and expertise to manage installations in-house which results in attractive margins, and control through each aspect of the process. As nearly all sales are referral based and derived from somewhat organic sources, there are a number of ways a marketing savy buyer would significantly grow revenues and boster the bottom line.

$20,000 at cost at close

Accounts Receivable Included in Asking


This approximate 2,000 square foot office / warehouse leases for $4,200 per month on a lease until May 2020 with options to be negotiated if required. Since the company can be readily relocated, it is possible that it may be folded into an existing operation if necessary. The company has management with two contractor’s licenses. They can remain to assist and help ensure a seamless transition.


Competition exists in all areas of the solar industry, including commercial and residential, sales and leasing, marketing and installation, etc. however this company has the necessary components and a sustainable referral base to maintain stability.

Growth & Expansion

Remarkably, nearly all sales are referral based. The company does not have an aggressive sales strategy and typically does not find itself competing with other solar firms based on price. As a result, tremendous potential exists for a sales-oriented buyer who can implement a thorough marketing strategy to bolster revenues. This may include a tradition print and online based ad campaign, canvassing, sales booths at key locations (e.g. stores, malls, events, county fairs), multi-level marketing, on or offshore telemarketing, etc. Additional revenues may be generated by exploring in-house financing, providing leasing options or coupling sales with complementary home improvement, energy efficiency or battery based power storage projects.

Support & Training

As negotiated

Reason for Selling


Real Estate

Not applicable

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