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Drawing on nearly two decades of experience lower middle-market companies, Michael Wildeveld’s M&A Book, Exiting with Grace – An Introduction to Lower Middle-Market Mergers & Acquisitions, will be provide business sellers or anyone interested in understanding the market dynamics for business sales in this market segment.

While the work is rich with nearly 300 pages of comprehensive content beginning with the history of Mergers & Acquisitions to the state the market in the decade following the Great Recession.  The book includes often comical anecdotes and real world ‘stories from the trenches’ of lower middle-market deal making and is authored in a manner that readers of any age or knowledge base will be able to readily understand and appreciate.  A high school student with an interest in business or an academician using it as an in class text book will find Exiting with Grace – An Introduction to Lower Middle-Market Mergers & Acquisitions equally informative and enjoyable.

The completed work is currently in its final phase of editorial review. Its publication is anticipated in the winter of 2018.  The work will be provided at no cost and may be downloaded in an e-book format.  Hard copies will be available for purchase or will be distributed at our Executive Roundtables at no charge.

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