Ryan Clark

    Ryan Clark, an entrepreneur, former world-class athlete, and likely California’s top business broker, is the Director of Sales for The Veld Group. Mr. Clark attended The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Finance as well as being elected president of his fraternal organization. Always extremely driven and focused, Mr. Clark honed his sales skills while still in high school, and went on to perfect them while in college when he launched of his own firm – R.C. Enterprises, a national direct sales company. After achieving substantial success and building a vast personal and business network, Mr. Clark merged his finance and sales background and joined Citigroup as a Senior Financial Planner for high net worth individuals. At Citigroup, Mr. Clark’s services included corporate retirement planning, investment management, insurance and estate planning.

    In the mid 1990’s Mr. Clark accepted a long-term consulting engagement and relocated from Las Vegas to Southern California to establish the U.S. sales force for a multi-national sales organization. In this role Ryan implemented the business plan he authored and hired, trained and rolled out his sales strategy in the firm’s five Southern California locations. In 1999, Mr. Clark rejoined his childhood friends and family and accepted a position as a Senior Vice President at Veld Consulting. In this role, Mr. Clark helped develop the firm’s California sales strategy, hired and trained its sales staff, and transitioned its retainer based consulting pricing model to the needs of the California market. In 2003, Mr. Clark was instrumental in launching The Veld Group’s full-service Valuation and Business Brokerage division.

    Within 3 short years of heading The Veld Group’s Business Valuation, Business Brokerage, and Mergers and Acquisitions sales departments, Ryan Clark established himself as California’s leading business broker. Regularly selling over 100 businesses per annum, Mr. Clark has managed to not only single-handedly outpace entire competing brokerage offices, but he has also managed to surpass the ‘done-deals’ transaction benchmarks set by California’s most seasoned brokers who boast 30 plus years of industry experience.

    Ever so humble for his accomplishments, Mr. Clark attributes his extraordinary success to his strong support network which includes his wife and children, family and friends, his early entrepreneurial experiences, and to the discipline he developed as a former world-class track athlete, (while he would never boasts of it, Mr. Clark is a former Division 1 collegiate sprinter who once held records in the 100 meter and 200 meter events). This discipline, coupled with the internal balance that he has developed from his daily yoga practice, has propelled him to the top of the brokerage industry, where he suggests that “grace complements achievement”.

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