Strategic Branding & Marketing Company w/Creative & Digital Prowess

Los Angeles, CA

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NDA & Profile

Executive Summary

Asking: $1,750,000

Gross Revenue: $970,453

Potential Cash Flow: $491,813

This award winning multi-faceted marketing firm exhibits prowess in brand strategy, creative design and digital applications. Its staffers boast pedigrees from the most prestigious agencies and have received accolades from working with the world’s most recognized brands. Although they provide blue-chip quality creative and deliverables, they pride themselves in highly artistic, and often edgy and thought provoking strategic and conceptual content. As a result, the underdog “challenger” brands that they pride themselves in championing are often able to leapfrog the competition by applying innovative content and brand building approaches to their strategy development and long-term campaigns. The team’s passion for the industry and unique flair is evident in their often varied but always impressive engagements.

Inventory: $Not applicable

Accounts receivable:250,000

Accounts Receivable Included In Asking? No


This bourgeoning enterprise is comprised of a close knit team of key staffers, each of whom is season independent contractors in their areas of expertise. The highly dedicated team has low attrition; each member has been on staff for > 3 years. The founder, a key component of strategic development and creative approval, focuses on business development and sales, as well as acting as the team leader to lay out client engagement plans, maintains strategic focus and coordinates each contributor’s efforts. Each team member liaises with clients in their respective practice areas.


Competition is comprised of global agencies with significant bandwidth and a comprehensive breadth of offerings as well as small agencies or single person shops typically with a limited focus (e.g. PR). This firm is able to provide a complete service offering while being flexible and nimble enough to focus their full creative energy and attention on each client’s needs. As a result of this and their approach, value proposition and the artistic talent they feel they are unparalleled and that their work is in a category of its own.

Growth & Expansion

This owner-operator is not striving for a complete exit, but rather to find a suitor with the resources to capitalize on the incredible foundation that has been built to take the firm to the next level. This may be accomplished with them remaining in a majority or minority role, by the firm merging with a complementary one with additional resources and bandwidth, or by a major client recognizing the merits of bring such a talented team in-house to focus on their needs. The founder would agree to an extended transition period to ensure a smooth transfer, but would contemplate a continuing active or passive role. Ironically, this firm has never engaged in marketing its services. All accounts have been referral based and many are continuously recurring or returning from year to year. As a result, tremendous opportunity exists for the party who is motivated to grow the team and pursue a larger client base. As the firm has never felt the need to expand they simply have not significant opportunity remains shall a motivated buyer choose to capture it and expand the breadth of the admin and project management function.

Support & Training

As negotaited
Reason For Selling: Seeks Expansion

Mergers & Acquisitions, Valuation & Exit Planning for the Lower Middle Market.

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