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While maximizing your company’s value is of our primary focus there are additional key elements of a transaction that need to be identified and addressed. While price may appear to be of paramount importance, the deal structure, tax implications, buyer intentions, personality fit as well as your post transaction goals must all be carefully considered. We believe that your business is unique, so we have developed an extraordinarily flexible engagement process that can accommodate clients with varying priorities and transactional requirements.

Where some clients feel other firms may simply ‘list’ their company for sale, or shop it to a large generalized pre-canned buyer pool, we create and deliver a truly custom solution. Each client engagement is tailored to the client’s specific needs and is managed by a managing director. This ensures that we allocate the necessary expertise and devote the attention to your project that it merits without compromise.

At our core we believe that our longevity and success is a trailing indicator of our commitment to our clients. The mutual success we achieve with clients is based on the curation of long-term, deep running relationships with them before, during and after the business sale process.

How We Help

Our Mergers & Acquisitions advisory team engineers sales of lower middle market businesses typically with revenues between $10 ml and $50 ml to strategic and investment focused parties who may be independent, corporate or private equity buyers.

While we work across many markets, including supporting clients locally from Southern California, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and Shanghai, we have the ability to work with clients far beyond our physical presence. In fact, while we once required several pre-engagement meetings to become aligned with one another, we have now developed a process for achieving as effective of results remotely.

With over 15 years of deal making experience we have proven our ability to transact as experts across several industries including…









Veld Values

People First

We feel that you and your company are more than just a transaction. After working with business owners for more than 15 years we understand the importance of the people behind the business.


While there are alternate M&A firms to consider, our client commitment, precise lower middle market focus and ability to create customized solutions truly differentiate us. We feel it’s the trusting relationships and rapport we build early on, coupled with our uncompromised service, that results in our long term success.

Mutual Match

We are not a volume based M&A firm. We aim to engage with specific clients whose companies meet our strict criteria and whose values align with our own. This fit allows us to most effectively lever our collective expertise and maximize our efforts.

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