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Metro D.C. Area Retail Furniture Chain w/Stellar Reputation – Well Established!

The greater Washington D.C. area retail furniture chain boasts 4 locations that span from Baltimore, Maryland to Richmond, Virginia. The acclaimed brand, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, complements its furniture and accessory offering with its design services, has created a loyal, multi-generation client base.
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Skin Care Product Brand w/Excellent Reviews & Reputation

This acclaimed skin care brand is an unparalleled leader in its 3 novel primary sales channels. Together with its direct to consumer sales efforts, the beauty care brand enjoys remarkable market access that allows it get newly launched products in front of customers and into their hands within weeks.
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Industrial Electronics Product Mnfr w/50+ Years of Goodwill & Stellar Reputation!

This industrial electronics product manufacturer specializes in the design, manufacturing and systems integration of mission critical electronic components. The firm excels at custom production runs with punching, forming, milling, powder-coating, baking and other key processes taking place in-house.
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Hospitality Procurement & Kitchen Design with Robust Activity!

This well-established hospitality procurement and kitchen design company is one of California’s incumbent market leaders. The company boasts a network of historical clients that's a virtual who's who of the biggest names in food service in California and beyond.
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Collage image with the word substance abuse repeating.

Substance Abuse Program w/30+ Beds – Beachside w/Fantastic Recognition!

In only a few short years since inception, this customer embraced substance abuse treatment and recovery program has built significant infrastructure and achieved remarkable results together with its client base. The beachside facility boasts 30+ in-patient beds that are licensed in its 5-6 first class beach community residences.
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Fresh ground beef moving down a conveyor belt.

Established Meat Manufacturer w/Property – Family Operated for 45+ Years

This meat manufacturing company is the quintessential family business. The company owns its production plant and leases refrigeration and freezer space. An estimated 100k pounds of meat are processed weekly, 80k of pork and 20k of chicken and beef.
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A variety of sports team logos.

Consumer Product Company w/All Major Pro & College Sports League Licenses

This consumer product company sells professional sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), college NCAA, PGA Tour, and Team USA Olympics branded products. As there are few competitors with branded items in their categories, the 5 year-old firm quickly grew to nearly $4.0 million in revenues prior to the onset of COVID.
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A clipart image of a vintage film camera.

Talent Agency – Entertainment Industry Niche – Highly Profitable

This highly unique talent agency services a very niche component of the entertainment industry. Within the industry the firm’s reputation speaks for itself, as its name has become synonymous with the highly sought after talent they represent, whose roles are mission critical for feature films, television shows, commercials, documentaries, music videos and more.
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A nurse holds an older women's hand.

Studio City Area Home Health Care w/Public Health & Joint Commission

The established Studio City area home health care agency has been in operation for 14 years. It boasts a stellar reputation due to its sterling standard of care. As a result, the business benefits from the number of well-deserved referrals they continue to receive.
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A variety of packing supplies.

Packaging Material & Janitorial Product Distribution – Established w/Property!

This well-established packaging material and janitorial product distribution company boasts a 45+ company client base, many with over 10 years of loyalty. The firm specializes in distributing boxes, packaging material, safety supplies and janitorial products, of which sales were not COVID impacted. Approximately 40% - 50% of the packaging products are drop-shipped to customers directly from the manufacturer.
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