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The time to hire on an Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Investment Officer (CIO), or any C-level executive is typically not after an opportunity has presented itself but when you are contemplating a transition. The expertise required to implement a company’s growth strategy, prepare it for sale or assist it through a transition dramatically differs from the skills necessary to manage its daily operations. When it’s business as usual, advisory resources beyond the owner, accountant and legal advisor or corporate board are sometimes not merited. During the most critical of times it makes sense to engage a short-term executive who is familiar with your short-term needs and knows how to effectively fulfill them.

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You can think of our network of executive advisors as hired guns or pinch-hitters who enter the game when most needed. Experience in a variety of executive assignments during growth as well as pre and post transition situations may prove invaluable to you in your moment of need. While the circumstances you face may be new to you, they are not likely new to our team. The contribution when taking on a flexible interim advisory engagement goes beyond job title. The executive becomes your sounding board, support structure, business coach and even your psychologist when needed most. Perhaps even more important, our Interim Advisors will help you explore and evaluate several alternatives or prepare you for scenarios that you are unaware of. They provide you the ability to remain focused when it’s most critical putting you at ease to maximize your outcome.
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