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Companies have a variety of choices when selecting which experts make the most sense to be able to provide them with a reliable business valuation. Choices range from multinational accounting consultancies to small appraisal firms. We regularly encounter clients who have engaged firms that do not possess valuation credentials, yet charge exorbitant fees to deliver inflated valuations. The truth is that when speaking to other qualified valuators, each will have a different perspective on what your company is worth and which valuation methodologies are applicable. Here is our approach …

Depending on the purpose of a valuation and the nature of your business, several traditional valuation methods will be applied. We distinguish ourselves from traditional valuation firms because we have also sold over 1,000 companies in a broad mix of industries. As a result, we uniquely also thoroughly understand the business sale marketplace. This is critical regardless of whether the purpose for your valuation is a contemplated sale, because the impact of various discounts and premiums (e.g. minority equity, controlling interest, key person, client concentration, etc.) will need to be identified and calculated. These may dramatically impact value. Our experience adds real world experience to our valuation engagements. We can certainly apply esoteric formulas to value your business but we also offer a variety of realistic, balanced valuation products beyond merely providing the technical valuation perspective. Surprisingly, many of our approaches may not only be more accurate, but because of our knowledge base they may also be less costly.

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No two valuations or the motivation for pursuing a valuation are identical. Two firms that appear comparable may merit entirely different valuation approaches and have materially dissimilar results. Having the flexibility to prepare valuations for many scenarios under a variety of methodologies allows us to deliver exactly what is needed without putting you into a single solution box. We have created a variety of valuation options that are likely to provide you a more profound understanding of your company’s value at a fraction of the cost comprehensive valuations merit.

Our expert testimony services often accompany a valuation engagement however they do not need to. Law firms prefer to capitalize on our Mergers & Acquisitions experience coupled with our accounting and valuation expertise because it affords them an unequaled perspective. Our practice simply offers far more resources and practical experience than a valuation firm can. This is because we can draw on our in-depth real world comparables that the opposition cannot. In specific segments of the hospitality industry we have developed the most comprehensive transaction database that we have known to exist. When choosing an expert to advance your cause, choose one with the wisdom and resources that the opposition cannot replicate.

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Pre-Sale & Legacy Planning

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