Talent Agency – Entertainment Industry Niche – Highly Profitable

Los Angeles, CA

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NDA & Profile

Executive Summary

Asking: $1,500,000

Gross Revenue: $708,161

Potential Cash Flow: $702,547

This highly unique talent agency services a very niche component of the entertainment industry. Within the industry the firm’s reputation speaks for itself, as its name has become synonymous with the highly sought after talent they represent, whose roles are mission critical for feature films, television shows, commercials, documentaries, music videos and more. This is the only firm that exclusively caters to specialists who perform this integral industry function.

Accounts Receivable Included In Asking? No


This well-established home-based talent agency is remarkably straightforward. They provide a limited pool of extraordinarily sought-after talent, most of which have tremendously well-known and respected credits on their resumes, to satisfy their customer’s needs on a commissioned basis per job. In the process, they match customer needs with talent’s abilities, schedule talent based on availability and overall fit, act as a buffer to customer, manage the minutia associated with each job and continue to manage all relationships that are within the firm’s enormous global sphere of influence. The firm also manages the payment, collections, equipment insurance, etc. associated with each job and act as an overall ombudsman to ensure all parties operate competently, responsibly and in good faith as they ultimately command a great deal of discretion with client placement and fulfilling customer needs. (Home Based).


While competition typically exists in all aspect of talent placement, this firm enjoys 20 years of industry experience in a highly specialized field. As a result they are the ‘go to’ source for companies that require their mission critical clients. While in theory competition could enter this segment, the reality industry entrants would likely find it particularly difficult to compete in this very limited niche against this dominant firm.

Growth & Expansion

New operators will likely be satisfied to continue the firm’s legacy with few changes, or those already in the talent agency industry may view this opportunity as an ideal segue into the entertainment industry. As this firm specializes in a highly sought after specialist labor force, a buyer could later migrate into working with other complementary industry talent pools or they can enhance their existing offering if they already provide talent in some of the ‘downline’ industry areas.

Support & Training

Seller will train as negotitated, which will largely be a function of the buyer’s experience.
Reason For Selling: Retirement

Mergers & Acquisitions, Valuation & Exit Planning for the Lower Middle Market.

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