Mr. Robert Rodriguez is a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.), as well as a licensed California Real Estate Broker with 14 years of experience selling, acquiring, merging and consulting businesses. Mr. Rodriguez received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from the University of San Diego (U.S.D.), where he was a key contributor to his fraternal organization’s community outreach program. Mr. Rodriguez’s career began as a mortgage loan officer at Wells Fargo Bank, where he implemented and managed their Spanish Loan Hotline, one of the first of its kind. Mr. Rodriguez left Wells Fargo to join Howard Publications, where he began his accounting career.

At Howard Publications, Mr. Rodriguez was regularly promoted until he became the firm’s Assistant Controller. In this role Robert managed the financial reporting for 18 newspapers, 4 domestic natural gas trading divisions, and the Eastern European natural gas exploration division. During this time he also coordinated the acquisition of a $25 million publishing subsidiary in Washington, led the forensic investigation of a $1.2 billion natural gas trading operation (and, prior to the Enron scandal, discovered similarly fraudulent accounting practices), and consulted on various natural gas trading, transportation and exploration engagements in the U.S., Canada, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Upon Howard Publications sale (for $400 ml.), Mr. Rodriguez joined National Retail Partners where he managed a $400 million commercial property portfolio for California Public Employment Retirement System – the largest public pension fund in the U.S. (CalPERS).

In 1997 Robert launched Integrity Valuations and Business Consulting (“Integrity”) in San Diego, California. Integrity Valuations and Consulting specialized in providing small and mid-size businesses with accounting, tax, valuation and consulting studies related to growth strategies, tax planning, and the implementation of cost management and efficiency programs. Within months of implementation, Integrity managed the investment and financial divisions for some of San Diego’s most successful restaurants and nightclubs including the Side Bar, Stingaree and Confidential Restaurant and Loft. Mr. Rodriguez was also responsible for the creation and management of a variety of syndicated investment groups, all of which raised capital for the acquisition of commercial and private investments. The accounting systems that Mr. Rodriguez created and implemented are still used by the Gaslamp’s top restaurants and nightclubs.

In 2002, Robert Rodriguez merged Integrity Valuation with The Veld Group’s Valuation and Consulting division, which provided business appraisals for divorce, income tax, estate and buy and sell agreements, and helped business owners prepare for the sale of their companies. 

Upon taking the division over, Mr. Rodriguez developed the department and expanded its service offering to include expert testimony services in the court system to help defend business and property owners in eminent domain, or similar business litigation matters. Since merging Integrity Valuations, Mr. Rodriguez has led over 500 business appraisal and valuation projects.

Mr. Rodriguez’s most recent accolades include becoming one of The Veld Group’s most successful business brokers, where he has been responsible for over 100 business sale transactions to date. Mr. Rodriguez’s attributes his highly successful career to his extensive experience, professional approach, and diligent work ethic. Mr. Rodriguez spends his leisure time pursuing his hobbies and passions, which include international travel, golf, running and boxing. Robert also volunteers with a local organization that tutors elementary students in math and science. Robert Rodriguez is fluent in Spanish, and likely closes more California business sale transactions in Spanish than any other broker.


Mergers & Acquisitions, Valuation & Exit Planning
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