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Countless growth opportunities are missed by companies due to a lack of available capital. Those business owners with limited networks or lenders with few capital ‘products’ simply do not offer the flexibility, reach or terms necessary to become your financing solution.

Having us lead you capital raise or financing efforts should result in quicker funding and better pricing with more palatable terms.

How We Help

Our team has long standing relationships with a diverse pool of lenders and investors who can provide liquidity. These include mezzanine lenders, commercial banks, asset based lenders, venture capital funds, hedge funds, private equity groups, alternative credit providers and more.

Each capital raise engagement commences by dedicating sufficient time to truly understand your capital needs in order to effectively direct the search process. Many growing businesses feel they merely need access to capital, but learn that experience and guidance can add significant value beyond their capital needs.

With a sound plan and capital sources in place, our team can manage your capital raise. This includes preparing and presenting your opportunity to each type of lender, and participating in negotiations to ensure you obtain the terms and capital you require.

While clients approach us to sell their businesses we often find that a minority or majority recapitalization is a viable liquidity alternative. This is the case when transitioning owners or major shareholders wish to de-risk by taking some of their retirement chips off of the table but not exiting completely. The use of less dilutive debt-oriented instruments can facilitate ownership transition without the need for seller financing or equity alternatives. It may also be an attractive alternative to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), especially when management expertise, growth or working capital is still necessary. These alternatives may allow the enterprise to craft a growth oriented balance sheet, provide an alternative to selling prematurely or prior to maximizing the company’s ultimate valuation, potential solve divergent shareholder views and potentially achieve a more tax advantageous capital structure and exit.

If a minority or majority recapitalization is not an attractive solution, a management buyout (MBO) may also be a viable alternative to an employee stock ownership plan. In this scenario, key existing management typically apply their resources and raise debt or equity (via private equity or other alternatives) to help facilitate an ownership transfer. A management buyout may or may not have to be leveraged (a LMBO) since key staff may not necessarily use the company assets as collateral to obtain debt financing or because they seller may be more likely to participate in co-ownership with known shareholders. The advantage of an MBO over an ESOP is that the exiting owner typically enjoys a larger liquidity event at transition, while the key business drivers retain the most control, often providing the exiting shareholder greater peace of mind. With an ESOP the exiting shareholder may experience a more gradual yet tax advantageous staged exit strategy unless leverage is applied.

Exiting owners may prefer these instruments, or more likely a combination of these depending on those debt or equity financing options available given the circumstances, because they allow us to engineer a deal structure that they have more control over. Also because a recapitalization may enable their legacy enterprise to become stronger than ever when the staff they are entrusting it with need it the most. Of course, the shareholders may also achieve the proverbial “two bites of the apple” in the process, while witnessing their firm achieve its full potential without incurring as much personal risk.

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